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something of a pretty little mess

constant ramblings of a psycho kitty

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fairytale cravings
2 December 1983
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a perfect circle, aberfoyle-park highschool winter skirts, adelaide, angry boy music, anna begins, arj and poopy, audioslave, aussie rules football, beautiful personalities, bluebottle kiss, bon jovi, boondock saints, boys in hoodies, breaking benjamin, bubble tea, champagne, chemist jelly beans, chris cornell, clothes, coffee, concerts, counting crows, crazy moshpits, cricket, cuddly boys, cute cricket players, daniel vettori, depeche mode, doc marten boots, doonas, eddie vedder, elvis christ, fairy floss, faith no more, fluffy white clouds, fruit salad, glasshouse, going psycho, gomez, gone to earth, good news week, good news weekend, grey, grunge, gunsnroses, happy bunny, hilltop hoods, hippy things, holden commodores, holden special vehicles, huggses, irish boys, james blunt, jason gillespie, jeff buckley, john cusack, kisses, kiwi accents, kiwi cricketers, knee high uggies, knee-hi socks, lancer evo, leigh whannell, little bit of kinky, lots of cuddles, love, magna ralliart, maloo r8, margaret keane, mark skaife, mass licorice addiction, maynard james keenan, miffy, mike patton, moshing, music, my bed, norman reedus, odd socks, old recovery, oldish korn, opshops, our lady peace, parks, paul dempsey, paul mcdermott, pearl jam, poetry, powderfinger, pretty things, rage, raggydolls, rainy days, ripped jeans, romeo and juliet, rules of attraction, scottish boys, sex, sex in the rain, silver, sleep, sleeping, snugglez, socks, something for kate, soundgarden, stars, stella artois, stephanie ashworth, super dollfie, sydney, sydney swans, tales from fat-tulips-garden, talking heads, textual whoring, the cure, the doug anthony allstars, the muppets, the whitlams, the young ones, three days grace, tool, trapdoor, undercooked pasta, v8 supercars, vast, vidiot, vodka, vodka and diet coke, vx ss commodores, wheat(as in the band), winter, wishes, writing, ycdtotv, yes to carrots, yip yip martians, zach braff

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